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Surveyor Intern

Assist with determining the location of boundaries on land, water and air. This may include utilizing technology such as CAD and GPS to record measurements


Assist with assembling temporary platform structures for workers working high above ground. An intern could assist with inventory and organization of materials in Laydown Yard

Non-Destructive Testing Technician

Assist with setting up and calibrating nondestructive testing equipment. An intern could also be responsible for meter reading and reporting any detected defects.

Engineering Technology Intern

Assist engineers and technologists with analyzing data, preparing drawings, mapping, designing systems and controls, and participating in stakeholder consultation.

Wind Turbine Installer

Assist with repairing and adjusting wind turbine components. An intern could also assist with recording and documenting inventory of tools, equipment and parts.

Solar Panel Installer

Assist with installing and servicing solar generation equipment. Interns may also help with documenting and recording shop inventory and tools.

Oil and Gas Production Operator

Assist with the separation processes or special treatment. Ensure impurities such as water, gas, and sediments are removed from oil and gas in the field.

AutoCAD & Drafting Intern

Assist technologists with preparing engineering and architectural drawings, plans, diagrams, and layouts. You may be involved in design and drafting, estimating project costs, and preparing

4th Class Power Engineer

Assist with monitoring and inspecting switches, valves, and gauges to measure temperature, pressure and fuel flow for boilers and furnaces. An intern could work with


Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.