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Safe U18

Providing a safe workplace is critical when hiring workers, specifically young workers. For many students under the age of 18 a work placement through an off-campus program is their first real work experience that informs their perception about the importance of safety in the workplace.

Youth Safety in the Workplace

To raise safety awareness, provide safety-relevant information, and promotes safety conversations between employers and young workers, CAREERS launched the Safe Under 18 program. It encourages employers to take the required actions when hiring students and emphasizes a student’s commitment to working safely.

Through the Safe Under 18 initiative CAREERS aims to:

  • Inspire young workers to take responsibility for their own health and safety in the workplace, and for the health and safety of their co-workers.
  • Support raising awareness with employers on the importance of safety training and conversations with young workers.

The Safe Under 18 initiative is not a full workplace safety program and only aims at raising awareness. CAREERS expects that employers have a safety program in place that protects all workers in the workplace.

Workplace Resources

Workplace safety equipment: hardhat, gloves and eye protection

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