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Indigenous Youth Internship Program

equity & access for Indigenous youth

The Indigenous Youth Internship Program is a CAREERS initiative designed to increase equity and access for Indigenous youth to education and employment opportunities.

By providing Indigenous students in grades 10 to 12 with opportunities to become more familiar with a variety of career paths, they can enter the workforce or post-secondary education with more ability and confidence.

This initiative encourages students to make informed professional choices, become more aware of the academic qualifications required, develop employability skills, and gain work experience.

Image of a indigenous apprentice on a construction site

Internship opportunities

CAREERS helps facilitate internship opportunities in a number of areas including:
  1. Skilled Trades including building trades, electrical trades, industrial trades, metal trades, piping trades service trades, and vehicle/motor related trades. Click here for more information on skilled trades
  2. Information Communications Technology (ICT) including business marketing, data security, digital design, information systems, infrastructure, software development and other ICT specialties.
  3. Health Care & Medical Technologies including health administration, allied health, health promotion, medical technology, and patient support.
  4. Agriculture and Related Technologies including food production and preservation, animal systems, plant systems.
  5. Energy Production & Supporting Technologies including energy production occupations (such as solar panel installer, oil and gas production operator, and 4th class power engineer) and supporting technologies (non-destructive testing technician).
  6. Transportation & Logistics including transportation occupations and warehousing.
  7. Business including administration (public and private), business development, bookkeeping, research, and recreation coordination.
  8. Environment Forestry and Related Technologies including forestry, geomatic information, and outdoor recreation.

Looking to support and hire Indigenous youth?

Internship requirements for businesses

CAREERS internships are high quality, in-depth, paid experiences for high school students with an emphasis on work-integrated learning and skill development leading to post-secondary paths.

Student Eligibility: Student must be registered in a provincial high school.

Duration: Range from six weeks in summer to a part-time or full-time during the school year. 

Salary: At least minimum wage.

Student Benefits: Students earn credits towards graduation for every 125 hours spent learning with your business. Internship opportunities provide students with motivation and drive to become a part of the Alberta workforce.

Employer Benefits: Student interns have the advantage of support from off-campus educators and CAREERS team members. CAREERS matches students with employers for interview opportunities to provide the best fit.

WCB Coverage: Provided by Government of Alberta pursuant to Off-Campus Guide.  All students are deemed to be employees of the Government of Alberta for WCB insurance purposes.  Coverage is provided between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Funding: Student internship funding support can also be found through CAREERS Youth Internship Incentive Program (YiiP) and other resources.

Image of a indigenous apprentice on a construction site holding a power tool

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Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.