“Look out for opportunities. Just because you are a women doesn’t mean you can’t do a man’s job.”

Jake Day Chief

“I came in knowing nothing, but my mentors have shown me how to do so many different things. My experience here has really helped me


“Sometimes kids don’t have a way to get started and this really sets them up with everything they need. It’s such a great program and

Josh Lefebvre

“I learned about CAREERS which I wish I would have known sooner. CAREERS also provides high school students an opportunity to gain paid work experience,


Welders join or sever metals in beams, girders, vessels, piping and other metal components, make metal parts used in construction and manufacturing plants, and weld

Steel Detailer

Steel detailers are specialized technicians who make detailed shop or fabrication drawings that steel fabricators or welders use to manufacture girders, beams, columns, stairways and

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal workers design, fabricate, assemble, install, and repair the sheet metal products in a wide variety of industries. The types of metal used are

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

Metal fabricators (fitters) lay out, prepare, and assemble structural steel and steel vessels, containers, and miscellaneous components. (Optional Certification)


Machinists set up and operate precision metal cutting and grinding machines such as lathes, milling machines, drills, and grinders to make and repair products made