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Swine Production Intern

Assist with one or more areas of swine production including farrow, weaner or finishing. Tasks could include daily health checks and care routines of pigs,

Sheep Production Intern

Assist in daily sheep operations with tasks including, clean/sanitizing lambing & sheep barns, ensuring proper feed management and supply, responsible for ensuring flock health and

Poultry Production Intern

Assist in one of the key poultry operation areas including Broiler Chicken, Hatching Egg, Table Egg, or Turkey. May also be involved with specialty poultry

Feedlot Beef Production Intern

Assist in daily operations of feed yards including support for herd nutrition and environmental conditions for livestock. Tasks could include facility maintenance, equipment operation, nutrition

Equine Technician Intern

Assist in an equine production, training or performance operation by maintaining facilities and a safe environment, evaluate herd and individual animal health, and exercise and

Dairy Production Intern

Assist with the operations of a dairy to produce milk. Tasks could include feeding and taking care of animals, daily review of herd health, cleaning

Cow Calf Beef Production Intern

Assist in beef cattle operation with tasks including, fencing, operating and maintaining farm equipment, feeding proper rations to individual herds, and bedding of cattle daily.

Beekeeper Production Intern

Assist in the management of honeybee colonies for the production of honey as well as pollination services. Tasks within this work could include the following:


Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.