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“If you have a field that you are somewhat interested in going into, just try it out, what’s the harm in doing that. ”

Adrian Dewitt

ICT Intern “I was introduced to CAREERS through my off-campus coordinator, interviewed at Arrkann, and landed a position within two weeks. Students should give it

Python Developer

Assist with developing server-side logic using Python. Ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end.

Junior Software Developer

Assist with designing, developing, modifying and testing software programs meant to advance business processes.

Game Architect

Assist with developing video games or other game type applications sometimes known as gamification. Duties may include working on content, idea organization, testing, game documentation,

Computer Programmer

Assist with analyzing and conceptualizing different aspects of any program. Support finding solutions to any problems that may occur do to the process.


Assist with translating the requirement logistics into a machine-understandable code. Test and modify code to ensure it is doing what is required of it.

Applications Developer

Assist with developing applications based on the requirements provided by business analysts and clients.

Systems Analyst

Assist with ensuring the company’s systems and infrastructure are working in the most efficient way possible.

Network Administrator

Assist with the operational support of a company’s network and telecommunications infrastructure.


Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.