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Web Developer

Assist with the creation and updating of websites using scripting languages, including coding, testing, design adjustments, and client reviews.

User Experience Designer

Support with creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users, and participate in the entire process of developing, designing, branding, and integrating those

Social Media Coordinator

Assist with the development of marketing initiatives and help in establishing creative ways to attract more customers/clients and promote the brand if applicable.

Inventory Specialist

Assist in handling and organizing online inventory, assisting with fulfilling orders and maintaining a record of stock and products.

E-Learning Developer

Assist E-Learning Developers to create and deliver e-learning content to support corporate induction and training.

Digital Media Support

Support digital media design and creation both including pdf deisgn, online forms, manuals, white papers, searchable documents and texts, and other similar projects.

Corporate Administrator

Support with administrative functions and assist with work regarding daily operations and projects.

Content Editor Assistant

Assist with creating and editing quality content based on the needs of the client to increase engagement.

Business Analyst

Assist businesses in improving processes, products and services through the use of data analysis software.


Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.