CAREERS connects employers with dedicated, motivated students who are interested in learning the employer’s business. For students, this is a chance to get a closer look at a potential career and start building experience – for employers, it’s a chance to develop their next generation of skilled employees. We work in partnership with schools and employers around the province to develop the future workforce Alberta needs. And now, for a limited time, CAREERS will provide a financial incentive of up to $3600 for employers to help cover the cost of providing a student internship. We handle the process of assessing student applicants, matching businesses with interns who will be an asset to their company, and providing ongoing support to help everyone get the most out of the internship. There’s no obligation to keep employing your intern after the program ends, but many businesses choose to – through our programs, they find capable and loyal employees who become drivers of their company’s continued success.

What Employers Get

Funding available to support an internship

All internships through CAREERS must pay at least minimum wage. However, you may be eligible for up to $3600 to support an intern and you can qualify for up to three interns. – The Youth Internship Incentive Program offers several levels of funding to suit your needs, while supporting a variety of career path options through CAREERS programming. CONNECT NOW to learn more.

Provide mentoring experience for your team.

Your current star employees are great people for your future ones to learn from. Many of our employer partners share that mentoring an intern is a rewarding experience for their teams, boosting employee engagement and giving them a chance to share their expertise.

Grow the talent you need.

Engaged, well-trained employees are vital to any company’s success. Working with student interns through CAREERS helps businesses cultivate and recruit the kind of workers they want to hire. Hiring a student intern is also a way to show Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training your company’s support in growing a skilled workforce.

Bring new energy and passion to your work environment.

CAREERS matches employers with students who are curious, eager to learn and invested in making the most of the opportunity. We’re committed to making the internship experience a win for both students and employers, and we find you the candidates who will make great additions to your team.

"These are excellent programs. Our mentors really jump on board and enjoy the teaching. It’s a positive for the company, the students, the school, and for the community as a whole."

- Ingrid Montpetit, Alberta Ops. Learning Leader, Dow Chemical


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CAREERS has been operating since 1997 across the province of Alberta, Canada. We currently ONLY work with those who study and work within the province of Alberta, if you have additional questions about who we are or what we do, please explore our Programs page.


“We have developed several students who now are leaders in our organization and some of our best techs.”

– Quote from Advanis study


“You gain a wide variety of skills and have many great mentors and supporters through your apprenticeship.”

– Quote from Advanis study

Available Programs


The Registered Apprenticeship Program allows students to choose from more than 50 trades for an internship and continue toward an apprenticeship.


In alliance with Inside Education and Work Wild, students can grow their future in forestry through a number of career explorations.


Students study technology careers while earning high school credits and post-secondary credits. There are three dual credit programs in tech.

Indigenous Youth Career Pathway

This program provides awareness for Indigenous youth with an expanded choice of career exploration and internships.

Health Services

The Health Services Youth Initiative allows students to explore more than 200 opportunities for health occupations. Spaces are limited.

CO-OP Apprenticeship

Only available in Fort McMurray/Wood Buffalo and Medicine Hat area, this program is for high school graduates who want to get into the trades.

Young Women In Trades and Technologies

This program provides awareness for young women looking to enter the trades.

Information and Communications Technology

This program provides opportunities for students to expand their tech skills in unique ways.


Every situation is different. 92% of our employers say working with CAREERS aligns with business objectives. Contact us to discuss how we can partner and give a young person a chance.
CAREERS does the pre-screening – by working with you and a pool of candidates, we can make sure the best applicants are sent for your final approval. This saves you time and money going through countless resumes and applications – contact us for more info.

Absolutely! In fact, former student interns make great employees because they already have training and interest in your industry.

Yes. Our student interns must be on track to graduate to participate in a CAREERS program. We stress to our students that a high school diploma is necessary for their career path.

If the problems aren’t resolved by talking to the student and coordinator, you have the right to terminate a student’s placement or employment for cause at any time.

Free. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization. Our funding is through government, industry and donations.

Qualify to get up to $3600 to support an internship.
First come, first serve.

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Qualify to get up to $3600 to support an internship. First come, first serve.