o Skilled Trades

  • High School Trades

  • Former Registered Apprenticeship Program Apprentices

  • CO-OP Apprenticeship Program (Exclusive to Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo)

o Oilfield Operator Training

o Water Wastewater Operator

o 4th Class Power Engineering

o Agriculture Pathways (Pilot, select communities)

o Indigenous Youth Career Pathways

o Information & Communications Technology

Employers apply to participate in the program. CAREERS is solely responsible for program acceptance. Eligibility requirements include:

  • The internship must be within Alberta.
  • Eligible employers include businesses, non-profit organizations, Indigenous organizations, and municipalities operating within Alberta.
  • Employers must be incorporated by or registered as a legal operating organization in Alberta.

Assessment considerations:

  • Employers should designate a strong mentor to support student learning.
  • Employers should demonstrate a willingness to support long-term employment for successful candidates after the internship concludes.
  • Applications will be assessed by geographical regions in Alberta to ensure there are YiiP internships throughout the province.
  • For Skilled Trades related positions, employers are encouraged to register the student as an apprentice with Alberta Industry and Training (AIT). Mentorship and training must align with apprenticeship learning plan.

Student Eligibility: Current (grade 10-12)

To be eligible, registered high school students must apply and be accepted for CAREERS programming. (Note: youth, younger than 19 years of age as of September 1, 2020, can still qualify for Alberta Education off-campus programming by registering for Registered Apprenticeship Program at their local high school.)

Student Eligibility: Post High School Graduates

1. Exclusive to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo: recent high school graduates aged 18-25 can apply for apprentice training under the CAREERS Co-Op Apprenticeship Program.

2. Former Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) apprentices that have successfully graduated high school and are 19 years of age or younger at the time of application are eligible to apply if they have:

• Have completed a minimum of 500 confirmed apprenticeship hours

• Have a valid class 5 driver’s license

• Live outside of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Student selection and position start:

  • Employers are responsible for interviewing and selecting candidate(s). CAREERS will pre-screen all candidates and help coordinate interview dates and times. Should the employer have a student in mind, that information must be included in the application form and meet the criteria listed below.
  • All students must apply for CAREERS programming.
  • Site inspections are required to ensure employers can provide a safe, clean, learnable environments.
  • For high school programs, prior to position start date an off-campus agreement must be signed to solidify the internship details and establish WCB coverage under Alberta Education.
  • Off-campus agreements are signed by employer, student, parent, and teacher.

This program was made possible with funding from the Alberta Government and other partners