“Look out for opportunities. Just because you are a women doesn’t mean you can’t do a man’s job.”


“If you have a field that you are somewhat interested in going into, just try it out, what’s the harm in doing that. ”

Jake Day Chief

“I came in knowing nothing, but my mentors have shown me how to do so many different things. My experience here has really helped me


“Sometimes kids don’t have a way to get started and this really sets them up with everything they need. It’s such a great program and

Kobey Tremblay

“I am a hairstyling intern at Notorious Hair Group. I’m thankful to Josh and his team for showing me the ropes of the job and

Adrian Dewitt

ICT Intern “I was introduced to CAREERS through my off-campus coordinator, interviewed at Arrkann, and landed a position within two weeks. Students should give it