Which skilled trade are you best suited for?

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Your weekend plans just fell through. What are you most likely to do?

1. Thrill seeking and pushing your limits
2. Honing a skill or learning something new
3. Painting, taking photos or playing music
4. Organizing an outing with friends
5. Try to fix a broken appliance with help from Google
6. Playing a team sport
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Which cartoon character would you most like to be?

Stewie Griffen
Inspector Gadget
Scooby Doo
Wile E. Coyote
Question 3 of 10.

Zombies are attacking the planet. What would you do?

1. You try to understand what makes the zombies tick, then use the resources at hand to turn their weaknesses against them
2. You stay calm, level headed, decisive and begin coordinating efforts with those around you.
3. You just start running, taking out any zombie that's in your way.
4. Assess the big picture, then get down to work calculating exactly what resources and how much you need to survive
5. You are better off on your own. You make use of your agility and inquisitive nature to logically assess what you have to do to survive
6. You come up with a creative plan to escape and ultimately infiltrate the zombies by pretending you are one of them
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The zombies took over! What's your last meal?

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In which scenario would you excel the most?

1. You on the TV show "Survivor", playing a game where the last person to remain standing one-legged on a tree stump wins.
2. You are tasked with deciding the perfect strategy to coordinate and lead a fierce group of warriors into battle
3. You have 10 minutes to analyze, deconstruct and figure out how to disarm a bomb.
4. Aliens have landed on earth and they don't speak our language. You have been tasked with coming up with a creative way to try and communicate.
5. A NASA space shuttle has to make an emergency landing. You are leading a team to determine the best spot based on precise measurements and you only have 30 minutes.
6. Your airplane crashes in the mountains. You are the only one in good enough shape to hike out and find help.
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Which superhero would you be?

Dr. Strange
Iron Man
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How would your friends describe you?

1. Cool-headed and self-assured
2. A leader who loves to explore
3. A team player with great attention to detail
4. Free-spirited and imaginative
5. Reserved but curious
6. Practical and dependable
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Choose one to binge watch:

Game of Thrones
The 100
Big Brother
Stranger Things
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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What's your texting style?

1. Nice but to the point
2. Animated and inspired
3. Reassuring and organizational
4. Full of ideas and pictures
5. Detailed and efficient
6. Full of questions
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My ideal work space would be:

1. Some place I can be creative
2. Working in harmony with others to figure out the best outcome in an situation
3. Where I get to work own my own, getting to problem solve on the go.
4. Full of situations where I can discover solutions for all sorts of problems
5. Different every day and gets my adrenaline pumping
6. Full of organization, a place where order is an asset

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