Placement Opportunity Listings by Region

Many internships are currently deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about what opportunities are available in your area during this time, please contact the Regional Manager in your area for more information, or fill out the form below to connect with the CAREERS Team in your region.

BonnyvilleElectricianIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
Steamfitter-PipefitterIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
WelderIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
Crane and Hoisting Equipment OperatorIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
Cold LakeElectricianIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
Work ExperienceIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
EdmontonIn Progress24/05/2021Taryn McDonald
ElectricianNot Started01/04/2021Ryline Monkman
Floorcovering InstallerIn Progress12/10/2020Taryn McDonald
Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)In Progress04/12/2020Marcel St. Arnaud
ElectricianIn Progress01/02/2021Gordon King
WelderIn Progress01/02/2021Dave Brown
Auto Body TechnicianIn Progress01/10/2020Ryline Monkman
Heavy Equipment TechnicianNot Started05/04/2021Ryline Monkman
Concrete FinisherNot Started15/03/2021Ryline Monkman
PlumberIn Progress29/10/2020Dave Brown
WelderIn Progress09/11/2020Gordon King
Automotive Service TechnicianNot Started01/02/2021Ryline Monkman
Sheet Metal WorkerIn Progress15/12/2020Gordon King
Automotive Service TechnicianNot Started01/02/2021Marcel St. Arnaud
Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)Not Started13/01/2021Marcel St. Arnaud
Heavy Equipment TechnicianIn Progress01/02/2021Dave Brown
PlumberNot Started01/02/2021Ryline Monkman
ElectricianNot Started01/02/2021Ryline Monkman
Sherwood ParkCookIn Progress01/02/2021Dave Brown
CookIn Progress01/02/2021Dave Brown
ElectricianIn Progress11/01/2021Gordon King
Spruce GroveGlazierIn Progress29/03/2021Ryline Monkman
Heavy Equipment TechnicianNot Started15/03/2021Ryline Monkman
WhitecourtAutomotive Service TechnicianIn Progress15/02/2021Corry Pepper
InnisfailIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)In Progress09/11/2020Ann Garrett
Red DeerCarpenterNot Started05/11/2020Ann Garrett
Red Deer CountyIn Progress22/01/2021Holly Bilton
Rocky Mountain HouseElectricianIn Progress01/02/2021Marcel St. Arnaud

In the Wood Buffalo region, 105 students have been placed in these career pathways since February 1st.

      • 4 Auto Service Technicians
      • 2 Cooks
      • 14 Electricians
      • 39 Heavy Equipment Technicians
      • 15 Industrial Mechanics
      • 11 Instrumentation Technicians
      • 1 Machinist
      • 1 Plumber
      • 6 Steamfitter/Pipefitters
      • 12 Welders

If you are interested in applying for an internship, the next application dates are in 2021.

Please reach out to Michelle for more details on deadlines and requirements.

FairviewAuto Body TechnicianIn ProgressMarg McCuaig-Boyd
CalgaryIn Progress07/01/2021Dan Olesen
Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)Not Started01/02/2021Brenda Wolchyn
CabinetmakerNot Started28/10/2020Brenda Wolchyn
WelderIn Progress01/02/2021Dan Olesen
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started08/02/2021Dan Olesen
CarpenterIn Progress30/09/2020Brenda Wolchyn
Motorcycle MechanicIn Progress30/09/2020Brenda Wolchyn
Automotive Service TechnicianIn Progress30/11/2020Steve Carlyle
Automotive Service TechnicianNot Started11/11/2020Steve Carlyle
Automotive Service TechnicianNot Started06/10/2020Steve Carlyle
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MechanicNot Started30/10/2020Brenda Wolchyn
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MechanicIn Progress08/10/2020Brenda Wolchyn
Electric Motor Systems TechnicianNot Started16/10/2020Dan Olesen
Heavy Equipment TechnicianIn Progress19/10/2020Steve Carlyle
CarpenterNot Started27/10/2020Brenda Wolchyn
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started22/10/2020Dan Olesen
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started01/07/2021Dan Olesen
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started02/11/2020Dan Olesen
CookIn Progress18/01/2021Brenda Wolchyn
CarpenterIn Progress05/11/2020Brenda Wolchyn
CabinetmakerNot Started20/11/2020Brenda Wolchyn
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started01/07/2021Dan Olesen
PlumberNot Started09/11/2020Dan Olesen
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started01/07/2021Dan Olesen
Automotive Service TechnicianNot Started12/11/2020Steve Carlyle
WelderIn Progress01/02/2021Dan Olesen
ICT (Information Communication Technology)In Progress14/12/2020Dan Olesen
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started05/04/2021Dan Olesen
Motorcycle MechanicIn Progress29/01/2021Brenda Wolchyn
ElectricianNot Started27/01/2021Dan Olesen
LethbridgeWelderIn Progress22/10/2020Saroeun Keuth-Ray
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started07/06/2021Saroeun Keuth-Ray
ICT (Information Communication Technology)Not Started01/07/2021Saroeun Keuth-Ray
CarpenterIn Progress01/02/2021Kristi Liboiron
Medicine HatCarpenterIn Progress01/02/2021Kristi Liboiron
CarpenterIn Progress01/12/2020Kristi Liboiron
Rocky View CountyMachinistIn Progress23/11/2020Dan Olesen

 In Progress – an open opportunity

Deferred – postponed until further notice, but still accepting resumes

Not Started – Upcoming opportunity

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