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Precision Data Management Intern

Collect and use data from equipment and data collection devices to create maps of fields to assist farm owners in better understanding soil nutrients, moisture,

Precision Agriculture Intern

Install and operate equipment used for precision farming including data collection devices, mapping and GPS, and equipment used with autonomous farming equipment or “SmartFarms”. (Note:

Turf Management Intern

Assist in the production, installation, and care of turfgrass for both commercial and residential use.

Horticulture Health & Maintenance Intern

Support plant health and maintenance including ornamental plants, trees and flowers, by diagnosing and treating plants for pests and diseases as well as long term

Fruit & Vegetable Production Intern

Participate in propagating and growing of plant material including the clipping, suckering, and tying. Assist in maintaining health plants by weeding and thinning as appropriate,

Food Research Intern

Assist companies in developing new products for market. Depending on the area of internship, students could assist in testing food products and ingredients. They may

Food Production Intern

Support food production. Skills learned could include food handling, knife safety, and production line operations as well as quality control and food safety standards and

Data Management Intern

Use data collected from automated technology to assist farm owners in good decision making for the wellbeing of the herd and to increase production.

Automation Technician Intern

Install, operate, and maintain computer and robotic systems used in agriculture including automated milking equipment, microchips and associated feeding/health systems, herd drones, and automated cleaning


Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.