“It is a great program for me to go out and start a career and get my life underway at such a young age.” – Quote from Advanis study


“You gain a wide variety of skills and have many great mentors and supporters through your apprenticeship.” – Quote from Advanis study


“Through the program I received tremendous amounts of work experience which helped me succeed.” – Quote from Advanis study


Every situation is different. You may be interested in checking out some options, getting work experience, getting paid while getting high school credits. Contact us or your off-campus coordinator to talk about the opportunities.

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Most of our programs are for students in grades 10-12.

Yes. All students receive a fair wage or honorarium for their work in our internships or apprenticeships. Please note that the Registered Apprenticeship Program requires a 125-hour trial period during which payment is at the employer’s discretion. Students will earn five credits for the trial period.

Free. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization. Our funding is through government, industry and donations. Some of our specialty camps require a small participation fee.

Contact us or your off-campus coordinator to talk about the opportunities.



The Registered Apprenticeship Program allows students to choose from more than 50 trades for an internship and to continue toward an apprenticeship.


In alliance with Inside Education and Work Wild, students can grow their future in forestry through a number of career explorations.


Students study technology careers while earning high school credits and post-secondary credits. There are three dual credit programs in tech.

Indigenous Youth Career Pathway

This program provides awareness for Indigenous youth with an expanded choice of career exploration and internships.

Health Services

The Health Services Youth Initiative allows students to explore more than over 200 opportunities for health occupations. Spaces are limited.

CO-OP Apprenticeship

Only available in Fort McMurray/Wood Buffalo and Medicine Hat area, this program is for high school graduates who want to get into the trades.

Young Women In Trades and Technologies

This program provides awareness for young women looking to enter the trades.

Information and Communications Technology

This program provides opportunities for students to expand their tech skills in unique ways.