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With so many future career options out there, where do you start? CAREERS is here to help. Start by searching our Internship Database below to help you learn more about potential internship opportunities that match your interests. CAREERS works to connect students to tons of different career paths through paid internships like the ones you can find below!

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Registered Apprenticeship Program

Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.

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Internship Database

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Animal Nutrition Intern

Assist in companies that develop and create feed for animals or those that decide the best nutrition for animals and work to assist with herd nutrition or nutrition for individual animals of any species.

Animal Rehabilitation & Welfare Intern

Assist in an environment that focuses on animal wellbeing. This could be at a research and biology level or directly with animals who have been injured, abused, or surrendered with the goal of reintroducing them back into the wild or rehoming them in the appropriate situation. Students could expect to work with various professionals specializing in physical and mental rehabilitation of animals.

Animal Training Intern

Assist in companies involved in the education and/or training of animals or about or related to animals including animal trainers, wildlife parks, zoos and other such organizations.

Automation Technician Intern

Install, operate, and maintain computer and robotic systems used in agriculture including automated milking equipment, microchips and associated feeding/health systems, herd drones, and automated cleaning or sanitizing equipment. They may work with trades people and animal health professionals but focus on the technology.

Beekeeper Production Intern

Assist in the management of honeybee colonies for the production of honey as well as pollination services. Tasks within this work could include the following: ensure food reserves, construct hives, collect and package hive products including honey, beeswax and pollen, maintain production of breeding yards, and maintain strict control over diseases and pests.

Cow Calf Beef Production Intern

Assist in beef cattle operation with tasks including, fencing, operating and maintaining farm equipment, feeding proper rations to individual herds, and bedding of cattle daily. Students will have the opportunity to inspect herds for health concerns and assist in the maintenance of cow calf pairs, yearlings and bulls to standard.

Crop Health Intern

Maintain crop health by scouting for, identifying and treating issues of weeds, pests and diseases in crops.

Dairy Production Intern

Assist with the operations of a dairy to produce milk. Tasks could include feeding and taking care of animals, daily review of herd health, cleaning and operating farm machinery including automated milking machines, safe handling of milk, working with herd health production software, maintenance and operation of feed systems, and identifying potential sick animals through milk testing.

Data Management Intern

Use data collected from automated technology to assist farm owners in good decision making for the wellbeing of the herd and to increase production.

Equine Technician Intern

Assist in an equine production, training or performance operation by maintaining facilities and a safe environment, evaluate herd and individual animal health, and exercise and clean animals in care. Tasks could include assisting farriers or veterinarians onsite, stable keeping, riding or exercising, cleaning and bandaging minor abrasions, and overseeing / maintaining environment in a safe manner.

Feedlot Beef Production Intern

Assist in daily operations of feed yards including support for herd nutrition and environmental conditions for livestock. Tasks could include facility maintenance, equipment operation, nutrition formulation, and of course, cattle handling.

Field Crop Production Intern (irrigated or non-irrigated)

Assist in the production of crops, including tasks of operating farm equipment, sprayers, planters, haying equipment, combines, swathers, specialty crop harvesting equipment, irrigation pivots and fertilizer spreaders.

Flower & Plant Production Intern

Participate in the seeding and transplanting of flowers, tropical plants, bedding plants, or trees.

Food Production Intern

Support food production. Skills learned could include food handling, knife safety, and production line operations as well as quality control and food safety standards and protocols. Advanced skills in learning to cut meat, produce cheese or sausage and other processing skills such as pickling or making condiments could be also obtained.

Food Research Intern

Assist companies in developing new products for market. Depending on the area of internship, students could assist in testing food products and ingredients. They may be involved in reviewing production and manufacturing of products to increase efficiency, quality, and safety.

Fruit & Vegetable Production Intern

Participate in propagating and growing of plant material including the clipping, suckering, and tying. Assist in maintaining health plants by weeding and thinning as appropriate, as well as properly nourishing with fertilizers and water. Operate and maintain equipment used in all processes of seeding, growing and harvesting of the vegetables and fruit. Inspect plants and report areas of concern including signs of insect damage or disease.

Horticulture Health & Maintenance Intern

Support plant health and maintenance including ornamental plants, trees and flowers, by diagnosing and treating plants for pests and diseases as well as long term maintenance including tree pruning, thinning and removal, hazardous tree assessments and storm damage clean up.

Large Animal Intern

Assist in a veterinary clinic, research & development company, emergency clinic, or specialty health facility dealing with large and commercial animals including cattle (bovine), horses (equine), pigs (swine), turkeys and chickens (poultry) or other similar animals. There would normally be animal health care professionals on staff.

Plant Genetics & Biology Intern

Scientific research and study to support and enhance the development of plants. Sampling, studying at a macro and micro level, plant breeding and testing.

Poultry Production Intern

Assist in one of the key poultry operation areas including Broiler Chicken, Hatching Egg, Table Egg, or Turkey. May also be involved with specialty poultry including pea fowl, ducks, game birds or others. Tasks include basic animal husbandry of the birds with an emphasis on nutrition as well as disease and pest management. The student may assist with sexing, pairing and egg incubation in addition to high levels of maintenance and proper barn management.

Precision Agriculture Intern

Install and operate equipment used for precision farming including data collection devices, mapping and GPS, and equipment used with autonomous farming equipment or “SmartFarms”.

(Note: Application developers and occupations related more towards programming and software/hardware development are available through our ICT program)

Precision Data Management Intern

Collect and use data from equipment and data collection devices to create maps of fields to assist farm owners in better understanding soil nutrients, moisture, crop health and other items that assist in good decision making for the health and wellbeing of the land and crop as well as increased production.

Sheep Production Intern

Assist in daily sheep operations with tasks including, clean/sanitizing lambing & sheep barns, ensuring proper feed management and supply, responsible for ensuring flock health and productivity and assisting in breeding operations and care

Small Animal Intern

Assist in a veterinary clinic or other animal health environment that cares primarily for small domestic animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits. They may also care for reptiles and exotics. There would normally be animal health care professionals on staff.

Soil, Land & Water Science Intern

Research and hands on work with soil & water samples, testing, and maintaining healthy and clean sources.

Swine Production Intern

Assist with one or more areas of swine production including farrow, weaner or finishing. Tasks could include daily health checks and care routines of pigs, ensuring proper environmental controls and feed management, maintaining quality control and production records. In addition, tasks regarding general maintenance as well as cleaning and sanitizing of hog handling and transportation machinery would be expected.

Turf Management Intern

Assist in the production, installation, and care of turfgrass for both commercial and residential use.

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Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.


Students exploring internships in skilled trades may also be eligible to fast track their training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Learn more.