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Learn about careers in agriculture and the skilled trades in food preparation, such as Cook and Baker.


The agricultural industry is both valuable and critical to our society and remains one of the largest sources of employment in many areas across Alberta and the world. It is an industry that continues to redefine itself and to present ever-evolving career opportunities. Whether it is working as a farmer, harvester, technician for farm equipment, scientist, and so on, there are an amazing number of opportunities for careers. 

Careers:  Beekeeper, Horticulturist, Veterinarian, Food Specialist, Seed Producer, Equine Stable Hand, Farmer, Irrigation Specialist, the list “grows” on and on 


As the industry shifts, and the gender barrier dissipates, the opportunities for women in cooking are better than ever. 

The skills that we learn in the culinary arts can be applied to so many different areas in our lives. We learn organization, teamwork, cleanliness, food safety, sanitization practices, as well as the undeniably great skill behind the art of cooking. 

Skilled Trades: Cook and Baker 



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